Monday, July 8, 2013

Eli's many pictures so far.

LONG OVERDUE UPDATE. Pictures will tell you more than I can write. So here they are. enjoy! :)
Intimate moment with daddy.

Was doing folding clean laundry and found him like this.

Intimate moment with mommy.

He knows he's handsome.

Caught sleeping on the bed.

Another intimate moment with daddy.

Helping daddy finish the last piece of hardwood floor.

At Great Falls Park walking trail. He was a champ!

Claiming both the recliner and the couch.

He decided on the recliner.

Can you see the fox under the chair?

Intimate moment with mommy. Or use mommy as a bed.

Eli got a new necklace!

Weird sleeping position 1

Weird sleeping position 2

Weird sleeping position 3

Weird sleeping position 4

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eli the Nutty Shiba Puppy

My recent accomplishments: digging up the carpet, guttering the stuffed chew toy and the squeaky plastic inside it, multiple rawhides, peeing on mommy's kinda-new couch and waking up daddy with lots of kisses in the morning.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Fat

Last week I found this spot under the coffee table that I absolutely love. Yesterday, I tried to get in to my new favorite spot and I couldn't fit! I'm definitely getting fat. -_-

I had a really busy weekend. On Saturday, I went to the vet and got my vaccinations and got my manicure. The vet said I did really well with the vaccination. Mommy Bell was very proud of me. The vet techs were so nice. They kept wanting to take me home... I almost fell for it and went with them but I know Mommy Bell would not be very happy. After the vet, I felt so lethargic. I hung out with Daddy the whole day. He must have thought I was boring.

On Sunday, I went to Mommy Bell's family's house. I had so much fun! But I misbehaved at one point and Mommy Bell had to correct me. I got to explore the backyard for the first time. It's a little dangerous right now so Mommy Bell didn't let me go roam around by myself.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Xmas

For Xmas, I went to Mommy Bell's family's house. I met mommy's mom, dad, sisters, brother, brother-in-law and niece, Kelly. Everyone was very happy to see me and told me I was very cute, which I already know. Mommy made sure that they don't spoil me too much. I tried to be in my best behavior but sometimes I just can't help myself! Especially when we were opening presents! The wrapping papers were calling my name... I couldn't help it. I definitely gave Mommy Bell a hard time with those wrapping papers. hee~ hee~

Mommy Bell's mom seemed very fond of me. She boasted good things. She said I was cute (of course) and pet me. She wanted a picture with me so we did. Aren't I soooo cute! She said I could have all of the toys that Kelly doesn't play with anymore. I was very excited. I got so many toys for my talented chewing abilities. My favorite is the tiger.

I spent the night at Mommy Bell's family's house. It was okay but definitely not home. It was so dark at night that I got scared. I'm still a baby after all. In the afternoon of the day of Xmas, I went out to the hair salon, coffee shop and home depot with Mommy, Auntie Birdie and Mommy's mom. It was a little scary but I braved through with with Mommy Bell's help.

When Mommy Bell and I got back to our home, I took a nice lonnnggg nap. I was so tired from all the activities. Then after some food and playtime with Mommy Bell, Uncle Marc came to visit me for the first time. He got me all excited... too excited that I jumped and peed on him.... I'm sorry Uncle Marc! I'll be more careful next time. Uncle Marc is so much fun. We played, took pictures, cuddle.... ahh.. i miss Uncle Marc already. :)

My first Xmas so far was a very eventful day and filled with activities with family and friends. Mommy Bell thank everybody for making it possible and for welcoming me into the circle of family and friends with open arms.

Thank you for everything.. Belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Center of attention

A couple of pics of me. Mommy and Daddy were so excited. They couldn't stop themselves.